hey there!

I'm brandy

 Texas Girl

fun facts!

  • Taco Obsessed

  • Married to my best friend

  • Mommy to 2 Daughters

  • Pittie Mommy to 2 Rescues

  • Comfy Tee Lover

  • Self taught Screen Printer

top 10

  1. Fitness Lover - I love Weight Training 

  2. Cozy Socks

  3. Flip Flops a Must!

  4. You will find me mostly in a Bam Tee, Pajama Pants, and Cozy Socks.

  5. Obsessed with Scary Movies all year long

  6. Water.  Yep, I always have water with me 

  7. Loves Dr. Pepper but my go to is Vanilla Coke Zero

  8. Anything Bravo TV

  9. Netflix binge watcher

  10. Coffee Lover

I'm a Big City Girl dreaming of a small town life.  Living on a farm with my family, rescue Pitties, farm pets, Making Comfy Tees and living the dream!

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